How Long Does Metal Fencing Last in Hildale, UT? How Do I Keep My Fence from Rusting & Extend Life w/ Powder Coating?

Offering security, a polished look and great strength, a metal fence is a wonderful option to border your home. To better secure a home or a commercial building, these fences work very well. Also, they are ideal as pool fences. Unfortunately, especially if you are not practicing good, regular maintenance, even the best metal fences can sometimes develop concerns. With a little care, you can keep your fence in excellent condition. With this in mind, we at Liston Metalworks would like to share some maintenance tips for your metal fence.

Regularly Assess & Inspect Metal Fence

Finding problems early are likely to be quickly and easily repaired. Especially if it’s a problem that tends to spread quickly, like rust, early detection and correction can keep the problem from worsening and becoming more serious. Inspect your fence on a regular basis to help with early detection efforts. You can hire an expert to perform regular fencing inspections if you prefer. Those that live in a humid climate or one that gets lots of rain should check the fence more often. Those that live in Washington County, UT and surrounding areas should get the fences inspected 2-3 times a year.

Powder Coated Fences Last Longer

Metal fences can be coated with a number of different coatings, which are designed to protect the fence against rust. In order for it to be effective proper fence coating requires serious preparation, as you can buy and apply some coatings yourself. You’ll have to remove all existing rust and other materials from your fence, which can be a laborious and tedious process. It’s often better and easier to have a professional powder coating applied.

Clean Metal Fence as Needed

Because following the rain seems to wash away all the debris, people often think that their metal fences are kind of self-cleaning. Since it can get rid of abrasive materials that may have managed to soak their way in, regular cleaning is good for your fence, however. Using warm, soapy water is the best way to clean your fence. To avoid damage, use a soft brush to apply the soapy water and scrub, hose off the residue and let the fence dry. To prolong the life of the fence and keep it in great shape, executing this simple act at least a couple of times a year can really help.

Fix Any Chipped Paint on Metal Fence

Because it can delay or prevent more serious problems and also strips your fence of some of its protection, it is actually something that should be dealt with right away, though chipped paint on your metal fence might not seem like a big deal. Being sure to remove any rust you might spot, brush away any excess using a wire brush if you notice chipped paint. Before repairing the paint, use a primer to prepare the area.

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These tips can significantly help your metal fence stay in good shape for far longer. If you do run into problems and require repairs or it’s time to replace your old metal fence, Liston Metalworks can help the locals in the Greater Washington, County, UT area. In addition to your efforts, we can help your metal fence last years!

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