Why You Need a Custom Designer Architectural Metal Cap on Your Chimney in Toquerville, UT

Have you ever noticed an ornamental cap on the top of a chimney before? Some people may wonder what the purpose of a chimney cap is. If chimney caps are important, why don’t all homes have a chimney cap? A chimney cap has a number of purposes and all of them benefit the home. Some home builders may put on a cheap chimney cap if one at all. Liston Metalworks would like to share the purposes and benefits of a chimney cap and how you can add a beautiful ornamental piece to your home.

Chimney Rain Cap Keeps Water Out

One of the functions of a chimney cap is to help keep water out of the flue. Water can damage and corrode inside the chimney. When you want to burn a fire during a cold and rainy day, the last thing you need is rain water coming down your chimney or flue. Water coming down the chimney also reduces air flow and brings the ash back into your home. Water is a major problem if it comes down the chimney. This is where a chimney cap can help. A chimney cap fits over the top of the chimney, providing a protective cover directly over the top of the chimney. The smoke can still ventilate out along the sides of the cap. If you find you have problems with water and moisture getting trapped in your chimney, you would benefit from a chimney cap.

A Cap Keeps Animals Out of Chimney

Animals love chimneys. Bird will try to nest inside the chimney and many rodents will use a chimney as an access point into your home. When you have animals nesting and invading your chimney, this is not just an inconvenience when you want to make a fire, but a major hazard. Many home’s heating system will use the chimney as part of its own flue or exhaust system. When you are using your furnace, the fumes are ventilated through the chimney, if those fumes are trapped due to a bird nest, the fumes will eventually push back into the home. Pests invade the home often through the chimney. To ensure safety and a pest free home, you will need to protect your chimney. Many people will cover the top with wiring. However, wiring around your chimney doesn’t look great and will not last. A chimney cap can help keep pests out of your chimney while adding a beautiful element to your home.

Custom Chimney Caps are Not Too Big or Small

Along with keeping water and animals out of your chimney, a chimney cap can help keep debris out of the chimney and help keep the inside clean. When you find you that a chimney cap is what you need, you can have one custom made to perfectly fit your chimney. It should be noted that if the chimney cap is too big or too small, the fireplace will not be able to draw in the right amount of air to force smoke and other byproducts of combustion up and out of the chimney. When using a custom chimney cap you can influence the cap’s design. A metalworking service can help create a beautiful piece to add to your chimney and with purpose.

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