What is the Best Railing for a Porch in La Verkin, UT? Modern Horizontal Iron, Traditional Vertical Steel or Other?

Your porch can be one of your favorite spots to sit and relax and enjoy the outside. You want your porch to look nice and you want the railing to go well with your home. So, what kind of railing would look best for your home and your style? Liston Metalworks wants to go over a few railing ideas to help you find the best fit for your residence.

Which is Better – Iron or Steel Railing

If you are looking into railings, a metal railing such as iron or steel is always a good choice. They are a sturdier choice of railings. If you choose to go with one of these for your railings you can choose different designs. Let’s talk about three of those designs.

Modern Horizontal Rod Railing

If you were looking for a more modern look to your home. Then going with a horizontal rod railing will help give your home that modern look. When you go with a more modern look of an iron railing you could also add in some wood and some cable to tie it all together. With the metal railing for the modern look, this can help your home have a nice sleek look.

Traditional Vertical Railing

Depending on your porch size, you may want to go with more of a traditional vertical railing. This railing is very common but it can also make your home have an elegant look. If you go with a traditional vertical look you can choose if you like the basic non-decorative rods or add some character with some curves to your railing.

Decorative Wrought Iron Railing

If you prefer a more decorative design and still want the metal look, along with the sturdiness that it brings. Then you can go with ornamental wrought iron. This can bring a touch of luxury to your porch. You can also design and customize it to the way you want it to be.

Cable Railing

A cable railing also has a more modern look. It is becoming very popular. They are great for homes that have spectacular views that you don’t want to block. When you go with a cable railing it can be made out of different types of materials. But the most popular is usually wood because it looks nice and it is also sturdy.

Wood Railing

If you go with a wood railing there are a variety of different styles that you can choose from. You can go with the crisscross railing, this is more popular for a farmhouse style. You can go with the traditional vertical railing or even a split rail where there are only a few vertical pieces as a railing. All of these are great choices for a railing that can help your home stay classic and look nice.

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Picking a type of railing for your porch or deck can be a little overwhelming as there are so many choices. If you are looking for a metal railing then give Liston Metalworks a call and we can help get you the railing you would love for your home.

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