How Do You Repair a Rusted Wrought Iron Fence in Toquerville, UT? Call a Welder to Replace!

Homeowners choose to have a wrought iron fence installed on their property because it is an extremely durable fencing material. Even though it is durable, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to require some maintenance though. If you have a wrought iron fence that is old and is starting to show it, you might need to give it a little TLC to get it back to looking nice. Liston Metalworks is here to talk about what you need to do to fix up your old wrought iron fence.

Care for Landscaping

If you’re dealing with a wrought iron fence that is showing its age, you need to work with the landscaping to make sure you have space to get work done on the fence. You will probably need to do some trimming on the bushes and shrubs that are too close to the fence. Not only will this give you some space, but it will also help to clean up the fence line and improve the overall appearance.

Clean Fence

Before you can do anything to the fence, you need to make sure the surface of the fence has been thoroughly cleaned. Get a nice and strong cleaner along with a stiff bristle brush to get the job done. You might have dirt, mold, mildew and other debris on the fence that needs to be removed. Sometimes, this is all that needs to be done to spruce up your wrought iron fence. If the fence has been painted, you might have to have the fence sandblasted to get rid of any loose paint that needs to be removed.

Find a Welder for Repairs

As you get the fence cleaned, you might find that the fence has some signs of rust and corrosion present. If this is the case, you might need to find an experienced welder to make any repairs that are needed. When you have found an experienced welder, they will have the skills and training to make your fence look like new again. If the gate is in need of help, you can depend on a welder to build you a new one as well.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Once the fence has been cleaned, repaired and prepped, you can put a fresh coat of paint on it to finish it off. The fence will look brand new again once this step is complete. Make sure you get the right kind of paint that is suited for outdoor use and is made for metal.

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If you have an old wrought iron fence that needs some love, you can turn to Liston Metalworks to transform your fence into something beautiful again. We can handle any repairs that are needed to ensure your fence is structurally sound and will last for years to come. If we need to replace any spindles, we can create replacements that look original to the fence. Call us today!

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