What Makes a Good Kitchen Hood in Hildale, UT? Pros of a Custom Metal Range Hood & Vent

Each home has its own setting of opportunities and challenges. For most households, everyone would agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. A lot of attention will be poured into the kitchen and more so than any other part of the home. As there are many parts of a kitchen that need to be in place, sometimes you cannot find the right size or style kitchen hood or vent. When you want or need to replace or improve your kitchen’s hood, you may want to consider seeking a metalworks company to create a custom metal kitchen hood for you. If you need a kitchen hood and are having a hard time finding the right one, Liston Metalworks will share the benefits of a custom metal kitchen hood or vent.

What Makes a Good Kitchen Hood?

So why do stove and other cooking areas need a kitchen hood? A kitchen hood. or also known as a kitchen vent, is designed to help keep the kitchen’s air free of contaminants. While cooking, smoke and grease is often generated which is then circulated into the air. Grease and oil will also build up inside the kitchen. Grease will build on the wall, ceilings and all over the cabinets if it is not properly captured and ventilated. A kitchen hood does just this. There are two major types of kitchen hoods which are:
• Vented Kitchen Hood – A vented kitchen hood utilizes a fan and duct system to ventilate the contaminants outside. These kitchen hoods will have duct work leading all the way through the ceiling into the attic and onto the roof. Most vented kitchen hoods are mounted on the wall but there are floating ones for stoves that are on a kitchen island.
• Unvented Kitchen Hood – An unvented kitchen hood doesn’t have a duct system. They do have a fan that helps to suck in the contaminants while you are cooking. There is a filter system to capture the contaminants that occasionally will need to be replaced.

What is Code for a Home Range Hood?

There are a number of codes and regulations that must be properly in place for a home to be up to code. When it comes to a kitchen, they do require that you have a kitchen hood. The kitchen hood needs to have at least a 24 inch clearance from the cook top surface and the hood. If a kitchen has a vented kitchen hood system, the duct work will need to be made of metal such as galvanized or stainless steel. The duct work must lead to the outdoors and not to another part inside the home such as the attic. However, this is just about the limit of a kitchen hood which leaves plenty of room for a custom designed kitchen hood.

What is a Custom Metal Kitchen Hood

Most kitchen hoods that you can buy from a hardware store can be rather boring to say the least. Additionally, those that have a more aesthetic appeal cost way too much and often do not fit properly in your kitchen. When you want to create a great aesthetic or interior design style, you may want your kitchen hood to look a certain way and be made from certain materials. A metalwork service can do just this. If you are looking for an antique or rustic style or a modern style hood, a metalwork service can help create a kitchen hood that looks the way you want and fits in your kitchen.

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