Is a Juliet Balcony Worth it in Enterprise, UT? Open Up Home with Safe Window & Door Railings

Do you find yourself in the need of a Juliet Balcony? If you are not familiar with Juliet balconies, they are also known as false balconies. They are a small railing system that slightly jets outward from sliding or French doors and windows, usually on a second floor or higher. These false balconies have many benefits including boosting aesthetic appeal and value to a home. For those who are not sure if a Juliet balcony is right for their home, Liston Metalworks will share the many benefits of Juliet balconies.

What is the Point of Juliette Balcony?

The Juliet balcony got its name from the timeless play, Romeo and Juliet where the fair young lady would greet her love from a tiny balcony on the second floor. A Juliet balcony comes in many different styles. Some Juliet balconies are designed to come out a foot or two, making for a very tiny balcony jetting out from a door or window. Other styles of Juliet balconies have no actual deck. Instead, is it a railing system that is installed in front of doors and windows. Juliet balconies most often have an ornamental iron railing but you will occasionally see glass railing.

Open Up the Home with a Juliet Balcony

A Juliet balcony or false balcony, may not have the size of a true deck but it does help make a smaller room feel more open. When adding a Juliet balcony you can also increase the size of your home’s window, allowing more natural light into your home. Bigger windows makes the home feel more open. With an ornamental railing in front of the window, you allow light to come through creating a much more open atmosphere.

Safe Balcony

Juliet balconies not only give the homeowner the opportunity to increase the size of their windows, but they also allow them to be open more often. To allow fresh air and sunlight into your home, many people will want to open up their windows. When you have a sliding door or large windows on a second floor you may worry about your children or pets falling out and hurting themselves. Even with screens, they are not a reliable safety system. Using an iron railing in front of your windows and glass adds that additional layer of safety. You can also use a Juliet balcony on the first floor to add additional security to your home’s windows.

Curb Appeal of a Juliet Balcony

Juliet balconies adds charm to any home. A beautiful ornamental wrought iron railing encasing your home’s windows is a perfect addition. Juliet balconies have been used in architecture for very long time. When adding a Juliet balcony, you bring an old world charm to your home. Depending on the type of railing design you choose, you can create a modern or old world look to your home. If you find your home looks a bit boring on the outside and you are looking for ways to boost your home’s curb side appeal, consider adding a Juliet balcony.

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A Juliet balcony makes a home look beautiful and more interesting. At the same time it increases safety and value to the home. If you need custom fitted railings to create a Juliet balcony, Liston Metalworks can create beautiful metal railings to fit your doors and windows. For quality metalwork services, contact Liston Metalworks today.

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