What is the Purpose & Process of a Plasma Cutter Torch or CNC Table to Cut Steel & Other Metals in Hildale, UT?

There are a number of different needs to accurately cut steel and other metals. Cutting steel and metal by hand is a very long as well as a hard working process. Various methods can be used to cut and carve into steel and other metals. However, there is a method of cutting and carving into metals that makes the process far easier. Plasma cutting is an improved method of cutting steel and other metals and has a number of different applications. Liston Metalworks would like to shine the spotlight on plasma cutting and share its many benefits.

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma or plasma arc cutting is similar to electric welding. However, instead of welding joints together, it is cutting through metals. Back in the 1960’s engineers found that by turning up the gas of an electric welder, the torch gets hot enough to cut right through the metal. This discovery led to plasma cutting torches which use an electric arc combined with compressed air. This process creates a form of plasma. Nothing cuts through metals faster and more accurately than a plasma cutting torch. Not only do plasma torches cut through metal fast, but the cuts are also very clean. Often when cutting metals, other methods leave behind a residue that stays there forever or it needs to be cleaned off which is time intensive and troublesome. You will get clean and precise cut pieces of metal with plasma cutting.

What is the Purpose of a Plasma Cutter?

As plasma cutting is fast, accurate and clean, you may wonder what plasma cutting can be used for? Plasma cutting is ideal for a number of different metal fabrications. Plasma cutting can be used in a factory or even in on-site construction and salvage yards. Plasma cutting can also be used by designers and artists to create signs and sculptures. Depending on the use for plasma cutting, there are hand held plasma cutting torches as well as large tables or plasma cutting machines. A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) plasma cutting machine is assisted with a computer guidance program. You can input an image or design into the computer program and the plasma cutting machine cuts to specifications. When you want an elaborate signage, custom rail or other cut metalwork with wording or images, a plasma cutting machine is essential. Some of the common uses for a plasma cutting machine are:
• Custom Rails – Balcony, Stairs, and Deck
• Signage – For Business
• Fire Pits – Free Standing or In Ground
• Decor Items – Gifts, Shelves, Plaques, and Address Signs
• Deck Joints – Custom Fitted Joints
There are countless applications for plasma cutting. Many people never consider seeking out metal working plasma cutting services to help their business, improve their home, or even for a unique gift; yet plasma cutting can create beautiful metal works that will last a lifetime.

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Plasma cutting services can help your business as well as homeowners beautify their property. When you find you need accurate and clean metal work, look for plasma cutting services. We here at Liston Metalworks have a CNC plasma cutting machine and can provide expert plasma cutting services. For quality metalwork services, contact Liston Metalworks today.

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