What are the Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication in Santa Clara, UT? Part Compatibility, Efficiency & More

When it comes to metal fabrication, there are several steps including punching, cutting, metal molding, casting, drawing, shaping, and so forth. For manufacturing a specific product, however, not all of these processes are required. Depending on the design, there are additional applications that may be needed. It allows metal fabricators to select a suitable metal fabrication process in order to help the precise fabrication of the product. A few benefits of custom metal fabrication are what we at Liston Metalworks would like to share today.

What are the Basics of Custom Metal Fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is the customizable application of different fabrication processes to manufacture a product. Unlike traditional stock metal fabrication processes, the custom fabrication process offers flexibility for manufacturing application-specific products. The product specifications may vary across industries such as automotive, aerospace, military and defense depending on the application requirements. Metal fabricators need to adopt a flexible fabrication approach in order to meet the typical requirements of these industries, metal fabricators need to adopt a flexible fabrication approach. This approach helps them to design and manufacture application-specific products in addition to ensuring their quality and performance in a long run.

What are the Advantages of Custom Metal Fabrication VS Stock?

Custom metal fabrication is superior to stock fabrication for many reasons. Understanding the benefits of the process is outlined below.
1) Durability that Lasts: Custom fabrication helps makes products more durable. After a discussion with the client, a fabricator can select the material that compliments the desired application. The fabricator can consider the possible stresses, strains, and external forces along with the chemical reactions involved in the process. If the application involves hard water, for example, plain steel may not be the right option. To increase the shelf-life of the product, the metal fabricator has the liberty.
2) Higher Component Compatibility: The customization of metal/sheet metal-fabrication offers component compatibility. Since all components are custom designed and fabricated to certain specifications, they are usually compatible with each other. Factors such as friction between two components, dimensional fit, and surface chemical reactions important in custom fabrication processes. The same for instance, they fabrication of a boiler cylinder and an insulation ring. The inner diameter of the insulation ring must match the outer diameter of the cylinder, along with the inner diameter of the cylinder lid. The stock manufacturing would only offer the option to select the closest fitting ring size whereas custom fabrication enables production with specific dimensions.
3) Heightened Efficiency: Sometimes a component can be manufactured in many ways by employing two or more processes. Custom fabrication provides a selection of the optimum fabrication process from all available options. A gear can be manufactured, for example, by lathe machining, CNC machining, forging, or powder metallurgy. In order to accelerate the production time in custom fabrication, a metal fabricator will select the process that perfectly suits the requirement. Custom fabrication aces stock fabrication in terms of the operational efficiency as well. Component overlapping can be eliminated, compatible component manufacturing, losses induced by factors such as wear, friction, and tear is allowed with custom fabrication. Streamlining these processes permitted for increased efficiency in metal fabrication.

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