Is a 304 Grade Stainless Steel Safety Railing Best for a Deck, Landing or Stairs in Ivins, UT? Strong, Eco Friendly & More

If you have an area outside that needs an added element of safety, whether it is stairs or a drop off, metal railings can the solution to your problem. There are several benefits that come from choosing a stainless steel railing for your exterior safety needs. Liston Metalworks is here to talk about some of the reasons you should consider a metal railing to provide you with the safety that you need.

Why is a Stainless Steel Railing the Best Choice for Safety

Whether it is a commercial or a residential setting, there are several reasons why people choose to put stainless steel railings on their property for safety. Following are some reasons why you should consider it.
– Strength: You won’t find a stronger material to make your railings from. Stainless steel is far stronger than its aluminum counterpart. You can count on stainless steel lasting much longer than any aluminum railing would.
– Eco-Friendly: When you choose stainless steel for your railing, you can rest easy knowing that you are choosing a sustainable material for your project. This is an environmentally friendly material that is still incredibly durable.
– Affordable: When you look at the price of stainless steel you may not think it is that affordable at first. However, when you think about how long it will last and the lack of maintenance that it requires, it is quite affordable.
– Aesthetics: You can customize your stainless steel railings to fit in with whatever design you’re looking for. If you would like to have some images laser cut into the stainless steel, that is even an option. You can create a sleek design with a number of different styles when you choose stainless steel railings.

Which Grade Steel is Best for Railing?

When it comes to choosing stainless steel railings for your building, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right grade. There are several different grades that indicate how strong the steel is going to be. Stainless steel 304 grade is great for outdoor settings that aren’t impacted by weather and other elements. Stainless steel 316 grade is best for industrial settings. This stainless steel is going to have incredibly high corrosive resistance and can withstand severe weather and harsh conditions. If you live in an area next to the ocean where salt is an issue, you will be looking for stainless steel that is 2205 grade. This is the steel used in marine environments and is nearly bulletproof.

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If you’re looking for stainless steel railings for your home or business, you can turn to Liston Metalworks to provide you with beautiful and durable railings. We can personalize your railings however you would like with engraving and other customizations. They will add both beauty and safety to your property. We can create both interior and exterior railings for your needs. Call us today!

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