Where Should Metal House Address Numbers Be Displayed in Ivins, UT? Size, Color, Font & More

When you have a need to display numbers for your address, you may run down to the hardware store to see what your options are. Most hardware stores will have a few choices from stickers or one or two styles of single digit metal numbers. However, you may quickly discover that your options are not many and may not work for your needs. The numbers may not be big enough or may not be what you are looking for. Fortunately, there is another option. You can have custom house address numbers designed to meet your needs. Liston Metalworks will share a few creative metalwork services which includes creating address numbers for your home.

Where Should House Address Numbers Be Displayed?

To create the right size, font and material type for your custom house address number, it is important to know where the numbers will be displayed. Will the numbers be featured on a mailbox, on the front of the home, or installed on the front of a fence or gate? If you want the numbers for a mailbox, you do not want to have numbers that are too big. However, for the home or a fence, you can have much large numbers. Before you begin looking for numbers and designing them, you will want to know the numbers purpose, this way you can better plan and design the address numbers. You can also have multiple sets of address numbers made for the mailbox, the front of the home, along the fence and more.

What Size Should Address Numbers Be & How Visible?

You can get custom address numbers made from a custom metal work service. They can cut any style font and size of number you want for your home. When you want address numbers made it helps to know the rules for size and visibility. Much depends on where you plan to have your address numbers displayed and how far they will be viewed from. Here is the ideal size and distance they will be viewed from.
• 0 to 70 Feet – 3 Inch Numbers
• 70 to 110 Feet – 4 Inch Numbers
• 112 to 132 Feet – 5 Inch Numbers
• 132 to 160 Feet – 6 Inch Numbers
• 160 to 300 Feet – 8 Inch Numbers
• 300 to 350 Feet – 10 Inch Numbers

Color Contrast of House Numbers

When designing your address numbers, think about what the numbers will be mounted on. You will want to have the numbers stand out. You can have the numbers painted, but when using metal, you will want to have the number powder coated. The powder coating will protect the metals and also add a color to the numbers. As long as the numbers pop out, you have good contrast.

What is a Good Font for House Numbers?

The next step is deciding on what style or font to use for you address. You will want to have a font that works with your style of home. Check out examples of fonts that match your style of home. There are a ton of fonts you can choose from. However, you may want to do some of research and look for a font style that matches your home. If you have a modern style home, find a modern style front. Use the same idea if your home is rustic, vintage or contemporary.

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If you are looking for unique ways to enhance your homes address on your mailbox, fence, on your home, or even on a stone plaque and need metal fabrication services, contact Liston Metalworks today.

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