What are the Advantages of Steel Railings in Salt Lake City, UT? Durability, Low Maintenance & More

Are you still trying to find the perfect material for your railing? Whether it is for your staircase, gate, or fence, having the right material or types of railing is no simple task. When looking for the right material for your home’s railings, consider the strength and appeal of steel railings. We at Liston Metalworks would like to highlight the advantages of steel railing and why they are one of the best choices for homeowners and even for commercial property.

Unbeatable Strength of a Structural Steel Railing

There are a number of materials that are available for crafting railings, each bringing its unique features to the table. However, when it comes to reliability and longevity, structural steel stands out. Steel is a strong and adaptable material that is a top choice for railings, handrails, fences and gates, both for residential and commercial purposes. Not only is steel easy to maintain, but when designed properly, it also offers a host of aesthetic and functional advantages such as:

Key Benefits of Steel Railings

• Flexibility: Structural steel railings, including those made of stainless steel, offer impressive flexibility. They can be molded into virtually any form when subjected to heat, allowing skilled welders and fabricators to craft unique designs that are challenging to achieve when using wood, PVC, or glass. This adaptive nature makes steel an exceptionally versatile choice.
• Durability: Structural steel boasts remarkable strength and longevity. If you are seeking a lasting solution for your staircase or railing, steel is the way to go. Its durability is further enhanced when coated with corrosion-resistant layers, such as galvanized steel.
• Diverse Designs: Thanks to its flexibility, steel opens the doors to a wide range of design options. Whether you are seeking a standard design or something tailor-made, a skilled fabricator can work with various metals, from mild to stainless steel, ensuring your design remains both unique and compliant with approved standards.
• Aesthetic Appeal: Skillfully designed and finished steel railings or gates not only serve a functional purpose but also enhanced the aesthetics of the surrounding environment, be it indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial.
• Cost-effectiveness: Relative to wood or concrete, metals are often more affordable and quicker to install, making structural steel a cost-efficient solution for railings, particularly when considering their long lifespan.
• Low Maintenance: Steel products, especially those coated with protective paints or corrosion-resistant layers, need minimal upkeep. They remain robust and reliable, requiring only occasional cleaning.

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When you need to replace or install a railing system, nothing beats the advantages of steel. However, the quality will vary. It is important to identify and invest in quality craftsmanship and materials. Avoid steel railing systems at your local hardware store. They are made with weaker steel and are mass produced. A fabrication or metalwork uses quality steel and gives each railing section their complete attention ensuring quality craftsmanship. If you have decided that a steel railing system is right for you and you want custom and quality fabrications, contact Liston Metalworks and schedule our services today.

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