How Long Do Metal Fences Last? When Should You Replace an Old Fence in Hurricane, UT

A number of gates and fences are built with iron, steel or aluminum as these materials are very strong. However, even the strongest materials will not always stand the test of time. Eventually, iron, steel and aluminum will begin to break down and need to be replaced. As metal fences is a major investment, most homeowners or business owners are not looking to replace their fence. However, there comes a time that you will need to have your fence replaced to ensure the integrity of your property security. Liston Metalworks will share some of the common signs that it is time to replace a metal fence.

Damaged Fencing

If the fence has been damaged recently, often you are forced to replace the fence. Minor damage can be repaired. However, significant damages cannot be repaired. If the fence has been damaged by a large tree that fell and bent the fence or from a car crashing into the fence, you should have the fence replaced. To ensure the continual safety, privacy and security of your home and property, when your fence has been severely damaged, seek immediate replacement.

Rust on Fence

Metal fencing is made from steel, iron or aluminum. They are coated with a special rust-resistant material that helps prevent the metal from rusting and eroding. Over time that protective layer will wear down and moisture will begin to eat its way through the metal. To help maintain a metal fence you do need to have the metal repaint or coated with a protective barrier. By doing this you can prevent rust. However, when rust does begin to set in, it can weaken the fence’s joints and structure. When you have rust that has eaten through your fence it is time to have it replaced.

Sagging, Warping, Leaning & Bowing Fence

If you look at your metal fence and as you describe it you use words such as leaning, sagging, warping or bent, you need to have your fence replaced. The metal can be too weak due to time, cold and hot temperatures. When the fence is developing these types of problems, it can no longer provide the needed protection a fence is supposed to offer. In some cases a weakened metal fence can become hazardous. If your fence is leaning, sagging, warped or is bent, it is time to have your fence replaced.

Fence Fasteners are Damaged or Exposed

If you were to walk by your fence only to discover that the screws, bolts or nails that hold the fence together are sticking out, rusted or damaged, this is a problem. When the fence’s fasteners become compromised, the entire fence is structurally weak. The fence can literally begin to fall apart. If your metal fence’s fasteners are damaged, rusted up, or are sticking out, it is time to invest in a new fence as these problems often cannot be repaired.

Weakening Fence Welds

Many metal fences are joined together using welding. Each piece and section is welded together to create a strong structure. Overtime rust and erosion can weaken the welds that holds the fence together. Smaller joints tend to break away first and then the larger welds. When the welds begin to weaken and break you can seek on-site welding repairs. However, there may come a time when too many of the welds have weakened and it is simply time to have your metal fence replaced.

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