How Can You Increase the Security of Your Automatic Gate in Sandy, UT? Fix Sagging, Cracks & More

Automatic driveway gates have become a necessity to provide security for many modern homes. They are not just about aesthetics, they serve as the first line of defense for your home and property. Built with robust materials like welded steel, aluminum, or cast iron, these gates are designed to last. However, like any frequently used outdoor structure, they face wear and tear. To help you maintain your gate’s integrity, Liston Metalworks would like to share a basic guide on how to protect your gates and avoid structural issues.

Fix Chips & Cracks on Automatic Gates

It is easy to ignore chips, scratches, or cracks and consider them to be a minor issue. However, over time, these minor blemishes can lead to bigger structural problems. For steel and iron gates, chips can pave the way for rust, and cracks can expand, weakening your gate’s strength. To ensure you gate is properly cared for be sure to:
• Periodically inspect your gate.
• Quickly address chips and scratches with the recommended paint and sealants.
• For cracks, especially in critical areas like near the hinges, engage a professional gate welder to ensure proper repairs.

How Do I Protect My Gate from Rusting?

Rust is not just another eyesore, it eats into your gate’s material and compromises its integrity. Addressing rust early on can save you a lot of future headaches. When rust develops you should:
• Sand and repaint rusted areas using a primer that can prevent rust. Epoxy primer works well for most steel gates.
• If your gate is not galvanized, consider getting it done. This process adds a protective zinc layer that defends against rust and corrosion.

Raise a Sagging Driveway Gate

A sagging gate does not just look bad, it might be a sign of a deeper structural problem. A few factors might be at play, from an undersized gate operator to weakened hinge welds, or even soil shifts. If you notice your gate is sagging you need to:
• Ensure the gate operator or opener is right for your gate’s weight and size.
• Check hinge welds and hardware for signs of damage.
• Monitor support posts. If they lean or appear unstable, they may need to be re-installed.
• Consider soil stability. Changes in soil can upset your gate’s balance.
• Always seek professional installation and service for your gate.

Maintain Automatic Driveway Gates

Over time, the continuous operation of your gate can lead to structural issues such as cracks or buckling. Regular maintenance can make a world of difference in prolonging your gate’s life. To keep wear and tear in check you will want to:
• Clean and inspect your gate every 2-3 months.
• Twice a year, have a professional check the hydraulic system pressure.
• Annually, clean and lubricate moving parts such as hinges, chains, wheels, and tracks, as per your manual’s recommendations.
• Seek professional servicing at least once a year to keep your gate in tip top condition.

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Your automatic driveway gate is an investment in both security and curb appeal. With a bit of proactive care and regular maintenance, you can ensure it remains a strong, beautiful asset for years to come. Remember, when in doubt, always consult with a gate professional. For professional metalwork services, contact Liston Metalworks today.

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