Custom Gate & Other Metal Fabrications when Building or Renovating a Home in St. George, UT

When you are building a home or your home is undergoing some major renovations, you may not think about looking for the services of a metalwork or metal fabrication service. A metal fabrication service can bring some unique as well as functional features to your home. When you are building or renovating your home, and you are not sure how metal fabrications can help enhance your home, Liston Metalworks will share the many ways metalworks can be used in your home.

Security Doors & Window Bars

When you are building or renovating your home, metalwork services can help enhance the beauty and security of your home with custom window and iron door screens. The window and door covers or screens not only help keep intruders out, but they can add a beautiful design that adds a unique aesthetic to your home. You can have security doors and windows for ever door and window in the home.

Custom Gate & Fences

To continue to add security to your property, you may want to add a metal fence and gate. Custom metal fences and gates can be created just for you. You can choose the look and design of your fences and gate. Custom metal gates and fences will look amazing and help improve your property’s security. While building or renovating your home do not forget about protecting your property. Metal fabrications can create a sturdy, durable, and beautiful fencing and gates for your property!

Stairs, Balcony & Deck Railings

When you need a beautiful and functional railing system, you will have the opportunity to pick and design your railing system. Metal fabrications can do a number of different designs and style to fit your own taste and ensure your home looks the way you want it to look.

Chimney Caps

When you have a fire place, you will have a chimney. When you have a chimney you may want to consider getting a chimney cap. A chimney cap is a great ornamental piece that is also functional. A chimney cap can help keep dirt and debris as well as pests out of your chimney.

Custom Vent Hoods

Another element that is both functional and beautiful are stove vent hoods. Having a custom made vent hood can completely change and enhance the kitchen. Stove vent hoods are necessary and often it is hard to find one that looks great and functions well. Metal fabrications can create a vent hood that you imagine and want for your new kitchen.

Metal House Address Number

All homes need to have the address numbers displayed. The number of your address will help the postal and any other delivery service know that is your home. When you need to display your address a metal fabrication provides a unique opportunity. You can choose how you want your address displayed. There are a ton of options from individual numbers, to having a plaque or sign made with additional images and figures. Let your imagination go and see how metalwork services can deliver.

Custom Metal Fabrication in Washington, Hurricane, Santa Clara, Ivins, La Verkin, Hildale, Toquerville, Enterprise & Greater St. George, UT

When building, renovating, or if you have other projects where metal fabrications can enhance your home, contact Liston Metalworks today.

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