Benefits of Custom Metal Signage in La Verkin, UT; Double Sided Hanging Signs & More

A sign is a sign, right? You stick it out in your store or your business for people to look at. But what if there is a better sign that you can use to attract people to your business? The good news is you can use a custom metal sign instead of the normal cardboard or vinyl signs. So what are the pros of getting a metal sign? Liston Metalworks delves into this topic below.

Metal Signs Can Be Moved Without Damage

If you are in the retail business you often put up seasonal promotions or sale signs. The signs will end up staying up for weeks or even months. When you are done with the sign you take it down. If you are using vinyl or plastic signs they can be torn by the rope, strings, or any other type of accident. When you have a sale again you want to put up the sign. But you do not want to put up a ripped sign. You can invest in a new sign but that would cost more money. Going with a metal sign is less likely to get damaged in the process of taking down and storing it, letting you be able to reuse the sign again.

Double-Sided Metal Hanging Signs

When you have a retail business and put signs in your windows. Most often the back of the sign is blank. This can be an eye sore and a waste of advertising space. Often when you try to do double-sided on paper it will bleed through making it difficult to read the message. When you use a metal sign you can use both sides and have the message very clear because it does not bleed through. When the customer sees a clear sign, they know what direction to go and your sales can go up.

Custom Metal Signs with Lights

When you see a sign that has light is usually a spotlight. When you have a spotlight, it isn’t very exciting and it can overheat. When you use a metal sign, they can make it very intriguing and make it very pleasing to the eyes. A front light to a project can bring a silhouette. While backlight can come with colors to draw attention and make the customer interested in what you were selling. When you combine the metal with the LED lights you are saving money on your monthly expenses.

Metal Signs are Easier to Clean

In the store, there are often higher traffic areas such as the front of the store or even around popular items. You want your store to look nice and clean so you wipe down the floors, countertops, and anywhere else that needs to be cleaned. But once it comes to your signs if you have a cardboard or canvas sign wiping it down will damage it. So, over time that sign can start to look dirty. When you go with a custom metal design you can easily wipe it down or spray it off to keep it clean without damaging it.

Detailed Metal Signage

When you put a sign out you want it to look the best it can look. Often when you design a logo and then send it out to be printed, the picture can come out fuzzy or even pixilated. But when you go with a custom metal design they use a laser cutting tool and printing techniques so that it always looks sharp. The vision you had in your mind will come out looking like what you had hoped instead of looking fuzzy.

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If you are sick of just plain cardboard or vinyl signs then give Liston Metalworks a call. We make amazing custom signs with lights, texture, layers, double-sided and better detail. This can turn your sign into a more eye-catching design.

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