Are Custom Metal Driveway Gates a Good Idea in Hurricane, UT? HOA Fence & Gate Rules, Design & More

When you want to improve your home’s security but still make it beautiful, you may want to consider installing a driveway gate. Most homes will be surrounded with some kind of driveway. However the driveway opening is a major weak point in your property’s security. By adding a driveway gate you can close off your property. Driveway gates are both functional and beautiful but before you buy the first driveway gate you find, there are a few considerations. Liston Metalworks will share what you will want to consider to make sure you get the right driveway gate.

HOA Fence & Gate Rules

For those who live in a community with a homeowner’s association you will need to find out first what your HOA says about driveway gates. Some HOA’s will have certain guidelines when it comes to driveway gates. For example, each HOA will vary on the driveway gate size, materials, and require an aesthetic approval. When you live in an HOA community, it is important to check all guidelines for driveway gates.

Do Not Rush Driveway Gate Design

A driveway gate is an expensive investment to the home and property. When looking for a driveway gate seek out a metalwork company that can provide custom designs. When going through a hardware store, the gates design will be very limited. Often homeowners will find they do not like these driveway gates. With such a major investment, it is important you get a driveway gate you love. With the help of a metalworking service they can help create a driveway gate of your own design. Do not rush your designing and make the driveway gate one that you will love for years to come.

Opening & Height of Driveway Gate

When design a driveway gate there are two major areas of the gate’s design that must be carefully analyzed and that is the gate’s overall height and the opening mechanisms. The opening mechanism can vary from a single to a double gate. Depending on the overall size of the driveway gate, the right opening mechanism will need to be used. The higher you make a driveway gate, the heavier the gate will be. If you have an opening mechanism designed for a single and smaller gate and then you purchase a gate that’s too high, it may be too heavy for a single gate mechanism. When designing your gate with a metalworking service they should be able to help ensure your driveway gate is the right height, weight and is using the proper opening mechanisms.

Alarm Add On Features

When considering your security options, know that you can add an alarm system to your driveway gate. As an alarm will boost your home and property’s security, it will add time and the cost of your driveway gate. Adding an alarm system to a driveway gate is complex. However for many homeowner’s it is well worth the time and investment. When you want an alarm system it will need to be incorporated early on in the driveway gate’s manufacturing. If you want an alarm feature as part of your driveway gate, be sure to communicate that request with your metalworking service.

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